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Introducing Upcera Explore, our revolutionary dental product that combines functionality and aesthetics to elevate the field of dentistry. Designed with advanced technology and a focus on simplicity, Upcera Explore offers a seamless experience for dental professionals, delivering exceptional results and patient satisfaction.

At the core of Upcera Explore is its 5-layer dental multilayer zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP-4Y-PSZ) composition, carefully engineered to provide a gradient of translucency, color, and high translucency. This unique feature allows for a natural and lifelike appearance, enhancing the esthetics of dental restorations.

Upcera Explore provides a comprehensive range of options with 16 Vita shades and 4 bleach shades, giving dental professionals the ability to match the patient’s natural tooth color accurately or achieve desired esthetic outcomes.

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