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Full Metal Crown

As the name implies, these restorations are entirely composed of a single piece of alloy. Metals used in crowns and bridges include gold alloy, other noble alloys (for example, palladium), or an alloy of base metals (for example, nickel, chrome, or titanium).

Compared to other types of crowns, less tooth structure needs to be removed with metal crowns, and tooth wear compared to opposite teeth is reduced to a minimum. Metal crowns and metal bridges are resistant to biting and mastication forces, rarely break and probably last the longest in terms of wear and tear. This is a porcelain and metal amalgam that provides stability and resistance to the crown. They are better suited for patients who want durability and sustainable outcomes with a natural appearance.  Porcelain veneers imitate the natural translucence of your adjoining teeth and are also stain resistant.

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