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DMLS Bridge

We were given a case in which we needed to create a DMLS Bridge. Initially, we obtained an impression of the patient’s teeth (as shown in picture). The process of grin designing includes preparing a wax mock-up. The DMLS process begins when the wax is removed.

Thanks to the laser sintering technology of CoCr powder, we can provide the highest-quality and most accurate dental construction imaginable (DMLS). DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) enables the fabrication of a wide range of denture frameworks quickly and precisely. CAD precision ensures a good fit, high strength, rigidity, filigree geometries, and the elimination of casting faults, all while being light in weight.

The CAD method can detect and remove up to 0.2 mm of undercut. The CAM process ensures that an equivalent area for ceramic binding is available and that ceramic chip-off is avoided. We use a modern laser sintering system at RPD Dental Lab to ensure that our dental clients obtain an accurate outcome. CAD files are used to create the metal frame, which is then sintered a Co-Cr-Mb-based powder layer by layer. This approach allows us to build long-span bridges up to 16 units, and the high precision allows for secure crown attaching. Finally, we received our fimar product.

Benefits Of DMLS

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